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Frequently Asked Questions
Attending a Stokes Auction Live in Person Auction

Why should I attend an auction?
   Auctions can be fun and exciting plus there is a very good opportunity to purchase items below retail.  Auctions are a social event and many auctioneers are even entertaining. There is a food vendor on our site If you plan to stay for part or most of the day - enjoy a tasty hamburger, hotdog or grilled cheese..

Does it cost to attend or to register?
  No, It does not cost to attend or to register for a bid card.  What a deal, free entertainment.

Are you open to the public?

Is there an opportunity for people to view items before the auction? 
Yes, look for the advertised preview time for each auction. 

Come as early as you can to look over the merchandise and vehicles.  Preview for our Saturday consignment auction at Stokes Auction is held on Friday from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM.(viewing only) and also on Saturday morning beginning at 8:00 AM.  For most off-site auctions, the preview is held one hour prior to the auction starting time.  During preview people can view all items with the assistance of our staff. People are encouraged to inspect all items of interest.

How do we register to bid?
Come to our office window and our cashiers will issue you a bidders card.  The cashier will ask to see your drivers license or other picture ID the first time you register.

How do we bid on items we are interested in?
Come early and make notes on items you are interested in bidding on and think about how much you are willing to pay.  Take into consideration fees such as sales tax, buyers premiums (see below).  Bidding can be exciting so don't get carried away.  Follow the auction progress and note when that item comes up for auction.  When the auctioneer is asking for a price you want to bid, hold up your card and the auctioneer or a ringman will 'catch' your bid.   Watch a few items sell, you'll catch on quickly.  This is a live auction and moves at a quick pace.  We do not offer online bidding, so no worries about losing a bid to an "online" bidder.

I was high bidder, what do I owe? (know your fees before bidding)
General Merchandise:  You will pay the price bid plus sales tax of 9% and a 10% buyers premium.
   Titled units: $150 buyer's premium,
sales tax of 9.3% on motorized vehicles, 9% on vessels and trailers. Filing fees for licensing, a minimum of $134.25 and up depending on scale weight of vehicle and your physical address.

Regarding Licensing:  Stokes Auction, as an automobile dealer will charge the buyer of each vehicle the appropriate filing fees required by the State of Washington.  These fees include the cost of plates and tabs.  New plates AND a full 12 months registration will be issued at cost to the buyer and Stokes Auction will issue a temporary 45-day paper plate for each vehicle sold. The average “filing fee” for a passenger vehicle is $134.25 and goes up from there depending on scale weight and if you live in an RTA or TBD zone. Buyer's may opt to not purchase license plates and tabs and pay for "title purposes only" or "TPO." The cost of "TPO" is $42.00, however, the vehicle will not come with license or tabs and no 45 day permit, as such, the buyer will need to provide or purchase a 3-day move permit at the cost of $33 or trailer the vehicle from our property.

The DOL requires license plates be removed from each vehicle transferred to a new buyer. 
   New plates AND a full 12 months registration will be issued at cost to the buyer.
   Stokes Auction will issue a temporary 45 day paper plate for paid 12 months registration. The registration and plates will be mailed from us to the buyer after we recieve them from DOL. The title will be printed and mailed directly from the State of Washington..

   Firearms:  10% buyers premium, Sales tax of 9%, plus and additional $25 fee to be paid when picked up from Boerners Firearms in Gorst after processing.

When do I pay and with what?
Payment is due by the end of the auctionForms of payment we accept are: debit cards,* Visa, MasterCard and cash
   Arrangements may be made for payment of vehicles at our monthly consignment auction with a minimum of 25% down auction day, the balance due Monday by 2 pm. 

* NOTE:  At some off-site auctions, we may not be able to accept bankcards.  We use a wireless system and signal strength determines acceptance.

May I bring my children with me?
They may come as long as they are well behaved and kept under supervision.
Children that disrupt the auction, wander unattended or cause damage will have their parents notified and be asked to leave.

How old do you have to be to bid?
18 years old
for most items and vehicles. The purchaser of a pistol or a semi-automatic rifle must be 21.

I can't stay for the auction and really want to bid on an item(s), what can I do?
We are prepared to help you if possible.  We will take 'written bids' on items only during auction preview.  Once the auction starts we cannot guarantee the bid will be taken. You will register to bid like usual and disclose the amount you wish to bid on the item.  Our clerk will bid in proxy for you during the live auction.  If you are high bidder you will be expected to pay in full for the item in a timely manner.  We require credit card information on file to bid or 25% cash deposit. 
Absentee Bid Form  (pdf)

When can I pick up my merchandise or vehicle?
Vehicles can be picked up when they are paid for in full the day of the sale.  
You can pick up your merchandise after you pay for it but cannot be removed it if it interferes with the auction. 
At our monthly consignment auction held at our location we will be open on Sunday after the sale from 8 am to 11 a.m.  Merchandise is left at your own risk. 
ANY merchandise left past Tuesday following the sale may be removed or resold.  It is also left at the risk of the buyer.  Please bring help in loading your items if you cannot pick them up on auction day or Sunday before 10:30 a.m.


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