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2019 Kitsap Junior Livestock Auction
Kitsap County Fairgrounds

Time to fill your freezer with local grown meat!
Bring your friends and neighbors

Meat animals raised by local 4H & FFA Students

Auction conducted on Saturday, August 24 at 11:00 a.m
Swine Arena of the Kitsap Co. Fair
1200 Fairgrounds Road NW, Bremerton, WA 98311
View animals throughout the fair dates - August 21 - 25
Talk to the youth about their projects.

There is no cost to enter the fair 2019 but there is a parking fee

Auctioneer Mark Boardman, Stokes Auction

 The auction is open to the public and is LOTS of Fun!
Come out to support these hard working youth.
We will accept absentee bids if you are not able to attend.

. Individuals and business are encouraged support the 4-H & FFA youth by bidding on and purchasing the animals.
The high quality of these animals make them attractive for commercial cutting due to superior chop and/or steak yields. 
Prior to the auction the animals will be weighed and graded.  This information will be available on a bidder's information sheet given out at the auction.   Buyers will be presented with a framed photograph and certificate of support. Buyers of Champion & Reserve animals will have their photo taken with the 4-H or FFA member and their animal.  Photos may be used as you wish. 

Steers will weigh at least 1,000 lbs and be under two years of age.
Desirable weight at sale time will be 1150-1300 lbs. 

New this year - Mini Steers, must weigh at least 600 lbs and no more than 1000 lbs.

Lambs will weigh at least 90 lbs.  The buyer only has to pay up to 160 lbs.

Goats will weigh at least 75 lbs. 

Hogs will  weigh at least 215 lbs.  The buyer only has to pay up to 300 lbs.

Rabbits & Poultry will also be sold.

 Buyers: All animals must be paid for at the close of the Auction.
   Slaughter, cutting, wrapping & smoking fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

If you cannot use the meat -  “Turn the Animal" at the current market value:
If you wish to support one or more of the young men and women involved in the Kitsap County 4-H & FFA market animal program and cannot use the meat, you can "turn" the animal back in at today’s market price.  You will pay the difference of your bid price per pound and the set market price per pound.   See the posted turn prices at the auction arena.

Split an animal with a friend or neighbor:  An animal may be purchased by more than one individual or business.
If you wish to split an animal the buyers must make their own arrangements and bid as one entity.
  Each party will be responsible for their half of the purchase price and processing fees.

  Forms of payments accepted on auction day:  Cash, check, debit, credit cards. 

 Donations & Add-on's: If you are not interested in buying an animal, you may still support the 4-H & FFA youth with a direct donation to
  individuals.  You may contribute any amount of money to an individual during the auction using the donation / add-on form. Fill this form out and hand it to one of the ring assistants.